Eliana’s Apothecary works with rituals and botanicals to create prayer bundles, a ritual object with smudge, to support your magic and manifestation. These prayer bundles contain a prayer/invocation written especially for the bundle, beautiful images, and smudge, all carefully selected to enhance each bundle’s prayer. A ritual for their use is included.

Rituals and bundles can be created for many occasions such as Moon Cycles; Bereavement; Ancestor Appreciation; Releasing the Past; Health Wealth and Renewal; Marriage; Birth; Seeking New Home/Job; Equinox and Solstice; Calling True Love; and Home Cleansing and Protection. Bring your ideas I would love to work with you. These bundles make wonderful personal gifts for yourself or others. Guidance through Ritual also available. 

Please email elianasapothecary@gmail.com to discuss. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram at Elianas Apothecary and message me there. 


Calling True Love


Winter Solstice

Yoga Retreat at Equinox 2018 


Summer Solstice


Ancestor Appreciation and Personal Ritual with Smudge Elements





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