Prayer is a very ancient form of mind/body medicine. It has existed for centuries long before organized religion was born. Practices such as spell casting, prayer, and some types of meditation are a way of setting intentions, but more deeply, a way of programming our subconscious mind, a critical aspect of the power of manifestation.

This little vessel, this prayer bundle, is my way of sharing my ritual with you in one easy package. It’s an Homage, really, to the many beautiful spiritual practices that use ritual objects and prayer vessels such as despacho, mesa, bundles, packets, and flags, as well as the burning of sacred plants to carry our wishes, dreams, intentions, hopes, spells, gratitude and prayers to the Heavens; to cleanse our Body, Mind and Spirit; and to express our gratitude with our ritual offering and intent.

When I began my practice, my intention was to celebrate and express gratitude, and to ask for blessings for others and myself. These celebrations, intuitive and different each time, depending on what is at hand and in my heart, have made me more present to the beauty in my life, in this world, and in the beautiful tender hearts of others. I am in constant awe of the Beautiful Healing Gifts provided by Mother Earth. And I am humbled by the sorrows of our collective tender hearts and our horror at the exploitation and persecution of one another and of our Beautiful Mother Earth. I have learned that this intentional presence, this sacred space of ritual, is powerful support and a great comfort to myself and to others, and connects us to the love and wisdom of many ages and ancestries.