Full Moon

Full Moon – Ritual in a Package


This ritual in a package contains a prayer/invocation with smudge for celebrating the Light and Blessings the Full Moon bestows. Spend some time in contemplation of Gratitude for Grace and Blessings in your life. Under Her Light prayers for Healing, Love, and Protection are all Blessed. Your intuition and psychic abilities are enhanced so guidance is easily accessed. Ask for inspiration, illumination, wisdom and strength. The power to create, to set goals and to manifest them are also touched by Her Grace. Ask for Her Blessings for seeking a new job or for powerful healing. A smudge of Rose, Lavender, Star Anise, Cedar, Mint and Sea Salt has been purposefully selected to support your prayer. Read the following prayer aloud while consecrating your package to the fire (instructions below) while the smoke carries your prayer to the heavens.

Oh Shining Moon, Grandmother Wise, lighting up the starry night skies
I ask thee Great Crone to light the way as I pledge to honour your wisdom each day
I ask that you Illuminate this Night, the Light that shines within me so Bright
That shows me the way that dreams can come true
Under the Protection and Blessing of You
Oh Great Crone, Magical Light, I am open to receive your Wisdom and Insight
Blessed Be

Afterwards you can collect the ashes from the fire and blow them into the air saying I cast this message into the air, May the Goddess Hear my Prayer.

Instructions for Use

Each ritual in a package has its own purpose written prayer. Read the prayer aloud while you consecrate your package to the fire. Scroll down to find the prayers and to be able to read them in the dark.

There are two methods for use. You can place the entire package on an open fire (safely!), as it includes the smudge, allowing the smoke to carry your prayer to the heavens.

Or, you can open the package, remove the loose smudge, and keep the prayer. The smudge can be burned on a charcoal in a fireproof container half filled with sand. If you prefer not to burn it, you can place the smudge, along with the prayer, in a meaningful feng shui quadrant of your home, or somewhere personally meaningful, where you will see it and be reminded of its joyful outcome. Feel free to add to it with words and images of your own wishes and dreams, and to follow your own guidance and intuition for its use.