Prayer Bundles



Elianas Apothecary Prayer Bundles are an entire package containing a special prayer/invocation, specifically written for each bundle, along with smudge, carefully selected to enhance each bundle prayer. Ingredients for the smudge come from Eliana’s kitchen, garden and neighbourhood and are lovingly harvested, foraged, dried and ground by hand. Surprise seasonal elements for the smudge, along with essential oils, are added. When demand exceeds supply ingredients are ethically sourced and organic. Once assembled, the elements are smudged and charged under the Full Moon in their own ritual. The imagery in the bundles comes from Eliana’s collage art and photography. For custom bundles you can provide personal imagery and photography as we create a bundle for yourself or Loved Ones.

Calling True Love, Full Moon and Home Cleansing and Protection Bundles are ready for you and available at $20 each. See them in detail by clicking the tabs – Calling True Love, Full Moon, and Home Cleansing and Protection. Order all 3 for $50. Email to order or see retailers under Contact.



You are a Powerful Manifester, and You create Your Beautiful Life. These prayer bundles  help focus the power of manifestation. I invite you to enjoy this little ritual package, to make time for this event, this intentional celebration. I hope you find the burning of the lovingly selected smudge and the beautiful images and written prayer comforting and uplifting. I encourage you to add your own specific prayers and blessings to this package and to follow your own guidance and intuition for its use. Celebrate your intentional presence, “showing up” for what your heart and soul desire, in this amazing life!